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The Audio Loader, Animation Changer, and CSS Loader tools enable users to personalize their Steam Deck by incorporating fresh visuals and sounds, including those reminiscent of various consoles.

Game Settings

Utilize ProtonDB Badges to identify games optimized for Linux, while DeckSettings aids in discovering optimal configurations for each game.

Deck Settings

Expand your Steam Deck’s customization through the Quick Access menu, leveraging plugins such as Bluetooth and PowerTools to access additional settings.

EmuDeck Features

Emuchievements and MetaDeck, integral components of the EmuDeck project, introduce supplementary functionalities to emulated games.

Desktop Apps

Various plugins augment Gaming Mode by incorporating desktop app features. These include Discord Status, FlatpakUpdater, and SteamGridDB, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Game Info

Access additional game details like estimated completion times using HLTB for Deck or explore game tutorials through DeckFAQs.

At the press of a button

All features provided by Decky Loader are conveniently accessible through the Quick Access menu. To access these features, press the designated button on your Steam Deck, navigate to the dedicated tab, and effortlessly utilize plugins. Easily download plugins from the Decky Plugin Store by selecting the appropriate button.

Get started

Prepare to dive into Decky Loader! Access this website using your Steam Deck and proceed to download the installer below. If your browser can’t execute files, you might need to open it through Dolphin (the file manager).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Decky Loader?

Decky Loader is a lightweight JavaScript library designed to efficiently load images and other resources on a webpage. It helps improve page performance by loading content only when it’s needed, reducing initial load times.

How does Decky Loader work?

It employs lazy loading techniques, which means it loads images and assets only when they enter the viewport or are about to become visible to the user. This is done to save bandwidth and speed up initial page load.

What are the benefits of using Decky Loader?

Decky Loader significantly enhances page load times by deferring the loading of non-visible or off-screen images and resources. This improves user experience and helps optimize website performance.

Is Decky Loader easy to implement?

Yes, it’s relatively easy to implement. You can include the Decky Loader library in your project and use its simple API to specify which elements should be lazily loaded.

Does Decky Loader support different types of content?

Primarily focused on images, Decky Loader can also be used to lazy load other resources like videos, iframes, and background images.

Is Decky Loader compatible with all browsers?

It’s designed to work across modern browsers and has fallback mechanisms for older ones, ensuring a broad compatibility range.

Can Decky Loader be customized?

Yes, it offers customization options like thresholds for loading, placeholder images, and callbacks, allowing developers to tailor the loading behavior to their specific needs.

Does Decky Loader have any dependencies?

Decky Loader is a standalone library and doesn’t have any external dependencies, making it easy to integrate into different projects.

Is Decky Loader actively maintained?

The effectiveness of any library often relies on its maintenance. It’s always good to check the library’s GitHub repository or official website for updates and maintenance activity.

Where can I find documentation and examples for Decky Loader?

The official documentation and code examples for Decky Loader can typically be found on its official website or GitHub repository. These resources provide guidance on implementation, configuration, and usage scenarios.

Can Decky Loader be used on Windows, Mac, or other operating systems?

Unfortunately, Decky Loader is specifically designed for SteamOS and is exclusively intended for use with the Steam Deck installation. Third-party distributions like HoloISO that aren’t officially supported by SteamOS might not function properly with Decky Loader. Presently, there are no plans to extend support to other operating systems.

Is Decky Loader compatible with other plugin loaders?

As far as we’re aware, Decky Loader isn’t compatible with any other plugin loaders.

Why isn’t Decky Loader visible in my Quick Access Menu?

For guidance on this issue, please refer to the Decky Loader common issues page.

Is Decky Loader an open-source platform?

At Steam Deck Homebrew, our commitment lies in openness. The source code for Decky Loader, along with our other projects, is available for viewing on GitHub.

Where can I find support for Decky Loader?

Should you have general inquiries or encounter basic issues, our Discord server is an excellent place to seek assistance. For bug reports or feature requests, please feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

Decky Loader – Streamline Your Workflow

Decky Loader is a freely accessible initiative designed to introduce plugin compatibility to the Steam Deck platform.

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Operating System: PowerTools, SteamGridDB, XIV Launcher, Xcloud, GeForce Now, etc

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